How to Get Wet & Dry Blood Stains Out of Carpet in Long Beach, CA; Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips

Taking care of your home usually means a list of chores that have to be done on a regular basis. You need to clean the bathrooms, kitchen and wash the laundry as well. These are all things that need to be done on a regular basis to keep your house clean. Most people also know that having clean floors is a great way to make your home looking its best. The floors are a chore that needs to be taken care of in several aspects. One is that you need to vacuum your carpets regularly and sweep the hard floors to get rid of the dirt and debris that will build up from regular use. Running the vacuum is a great way to keep the floors looking good but you need to have them professionally cleaned to get that deep clean that will keep lasting longer and staying plush as well. You also need to learn the tricks that are needed to clean spills and stains from the carpet. There are some stains that are very hard to clean and if you use the wrong method it can cause the stain to set in rather than remove it.

CA Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Clean Up Lists Steps Needed to Clean Blood Off Carpets

How Blood Stains Get On Carpets: There are many ways that blood can get on your carpets. If someone drops a glass dish from the counter and you happen to step on it you can spread blood on the carpet. Most people have had a bloody nose at some point in their life and many times you don’t know that is has happened right away. That is how blood can start to drip in the carpet. Any injury can lead to bleeding that can then lead to a stain on the carpet.
Use Cold Water to Treat Blood Stains on Carpet: When you look up the best way to treat a stain on your carpet most of the time it will say to use warm water to start the treatment. The same cannot be said for a blood stain. You want to make sure that when you start the cleaning process for a blood stain on the carpet that you get cold water. Warm water will actually set the blood in the carpet and make it near impossible to treat it. After you have removed what you can you want to then use a clean cloth and your cold water to soak the area. You can repeat the process several times to get as much of the stain out as possible.
Hydrogen Peroxide Removes Carpet Blood Stains: The next step you want to take when cleaning the blood stain is to use a substance that will bubble and pull the stain out of the carpet. Hydrogen peroxide is a great way to help get the blood unattached from the carpet fibers. Use a cloth dipped in the peroxide to start the process. You will see it start to bubble up and the bubbles will have blood in it that has been pulled from the carpet. Then use a clean rag to dab away at the spot to remove the stain.

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