Tile and Grout FAQ in Hawthorne, CA; How Long After Sealing Tile Can You Walk on it & More

Tile and grout require maintenance just like any other type of flooring. Where there are differences in care between the different manmade and natural stone tiles, the basics are still fairly general. Without diligent cleaning, pre-treatments, and professional deep cleaning, the tile and especially grout, will look dull, dingy, and fall apart before its time. With that in mind, we at CA Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Clean Up would like to answer a handful of frequently asked questions concerning tile and grout care.

Tile and Grout Care FAQ

Q: When I have my tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed, how long will it take?
From start to finish, it can take up to 3 hours depending on the buildup, number of grout lines, size of the tile, room configuration, and with a sealant included. For a cleaning of an average size room, up to 250 square feet, takes approximately 90 minutes.
Q: How long after cleaning and sealing tile can you walk on it?
It takes 24 hours for the sealant to cure, but it is generally recommended you wait at least 3 hours before walking on it. Keep liquids from the freshly treated floor for approximately 24 hours.
Q: What is the procedure for professional grout and tile cleaning?
Formulated to remove dirt, debris, soap scum, mineral deposits, and any microbes and bacteria that often lead to mildew and mold, a highly potent cleaning agent is applied to the tile and grout. Following the application, a professional with then typically utilize powerful equipment that is constructed to loosen and extracted the deeply rooted filth effectively. Once cleaned, the tile is left vibrant and grout shiny.
Q: A professional tile and grout cleaning should be scheduled how often?
There are a number of factors that need to be considered such as foot traffic volume, number of indoor pets, exposure to moisture, the diligence of routine cleaning, and how long ago sealant was applied the average home should get professional tile and grout cleaning every 6-12 months.
Q: What cleaner should I use in between professional cleaning?
It is recommended you avoid harsh abrasive and acid cleaners, particularly bleach and other cleaners to extend the sealant and avoid damage to the grout and tile.
Q: Why is professional tile and grout cleaning important?
Sealants provide a barrier for the grout as well as prevent buildup and scuffs on the tile. Even with diligent cleaning, the grout especially will absorb moisture, dirt, and debris. Over time the grout looks obviously dingy and filthy and the potential mold and mildew growth can get out of hand if not for professional deep tile and grout cleaning services.
Q: Why should I seal tile and grout?
Being that grout is extremely porous in nature, it draws in soil, moisture and everything it comes into contact with. With the sealant in place, the grout resists absorbing the filth, as well as stains and the till is better off protected. Without the sealant, tile eventually looks dull and the grout dingy and stained.

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