How to Deep Clean Mattress Stains & Remove Dust Mites, Odors & More in Torrance, CA

Carpets, tile, and your upholstery become a major eyesore when they become dirty or stained. When this happens, it clues us in that it is time to have them professionally cleaned. However one of the dirtiest of items that frequently get overlooked is your mattress. We spend hours in our beds each night and at times, during the day. Most people believe washing their bedding keeps them in a clean bed. Well, this helps but it does mean your bed is clean. CA Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Clean Up would like to share what it is that most mattresses contain and why you may want make sure you have your mattress cleaned.

Is Making Your Bed Enough to Minimize Dust Mites?

Even with bedding, your mattress still contains dust. Simple tests show that the dust particles are 70% dead skin and hair that humans shed every day and yes, it is in your mattress. Over time the mattress absorbs these tiny particles and will remain in your mattress, increasing the weight dramatically. However that’s not the bad part. Where there is dead skin and hair particles, there are dust mites. We live with dust mites. They are in your home and can be found in carpets, rugs, air ducts, and in your mattress. You are sharing your bed with thousands of bugs every night. Dust mites don’t pose a major problem. In fact they actually are part of our ecosystem. However major populations can cause allergies and respiratory problems. By cleaning your mattress you can reduce and maintain a healthier population of dust mites in your home and on your bed.

Bacteria & Body Secretions on Mattress & Bed

Dead skin and tiny bugs aren’t the only things polluting your mattress. Bacteria are found as well. Fungal and bacteria from body sweat, water exposure, and urine from little ones can form the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus growth. Human secretions can lead to certain types of skin irritations and diseases. Additionally body secretions leave bad odors in your mattresses.

Freshening Your Mattress; Clean & Deodorize

To improve a healthier sleeping environment you should have your mattress deep cleaned at least every three years and preferably once a year by a professional mattress cleaner. Professional mattress cleaners can clean mattresses deeper and with stronger sanitizing cleaning agents. However, don’t just wait for the professionals to clean your mattress. It is also recommended that you do a light maintenance cleaning every one to three months. When doing a maintenance cleaning, you will want to vacuum the top, bottoms and all sides of the mattress. Treat any stains and use a light upholstery or mattress sanitizer to spray on the mattress. To treat odor, sprinkle baking soda on top of the mattress and let it set on for fifteen minutes and vacuum the baking soda up. Additionally, wash all the bedding weekly to help keep your mattress and bed cleaner longer. By keeping your mattress clean, it will help prevent allergies, skin irritations, and pests such as dust mites and bed bugs.

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