Tile and Grout FAQ in Hawthorne, CA; How Long After Sealing Tile Can You Walk on it & More

Tile and grout require maintenance just like any other type of flooring. Where there are differences in care between the different manmade and natural stone tiles, the basics are still fairly general. Without diligent cleaning, pre-treatments, and professional deep cleaning, the tile and especially grout, will look dull, dingy, and fall apart before its time.…

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How to Deep Clean & Restore Area Rugs in El Segundo, CA; Vacuum, Clean, Rinse, Dry & More

Too many experience the desire to restore their neglected area rug. More often than not, the area rug you adored was marred from accidental substance spills that were not efficiently cleaned up, buildup of debris from minimal vacuuming, additional abuse from foot traffic, lack of professional maintenance, and expedited wear from neglect. At first, homeowners…

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