Tips for Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaning Vacuum in Santa Ana, CA; Central, Canister & More

There are hundreds of vacuums available on the market today. Each of them having their own list of pros and cons. When buying a new vacuum for your home where does one start? Some of us check with friends and family, some look at price and warranty, others look at which ones are most convenient for storage. Each home and person will have a different lifestyle and preferences which makes our large market of vacuums convenient for one to choose the right one for them. Chances are if you are stopping by our blog today, you don’t know quite where to start. CA Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Clean Up is here to break it down for you!

Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Home

Upright Vacuum Cleaners-Upright vacuums typically have a rotating brush that aids in disturbing set in dust, hair and other solid objects found on carpets, the motor makes the brush spin and also provides the suction that picks up objects from the floor. Their central canister systems make this all in one vacuum convenient to move around. Uprights tend to clean synthetic fibers better than the rest. For homes that have wall-to-wall carpeting, this would be the vacuum for you because of its powerful suction and wide cleaning path! Most uprights come with a detachable hose to get into tight corners and along baseboards for a better cleaning experience. When it comes to price, these tend to be more affordable than others too!
Bag or Bagless Vacuums? – This is a matter of preference. For those who are prone to allergies, a dust bag would be the better choice. Both work well and have different pros and cons, but in bag less systems you are exposed to dust, dirt and other allergens every time you empty the canister.
Canister Vacuums– If your home has a mix of flooring or stairs, this may just be the right choice for you! These are by far the most versatile vacuums on the market. They preform well on both carpet and hard floors, make cleaning drapes and other above ground dusty areas a breeze and their lightweight designs make it convenient to navigate on stairwells. Some models even come equipped with a shag rake tool, so you can vacuum your shag carpet or area rugs! Want to vacuum under your furniture but don’t want to move those heavy couches around every week? No problem! Canister vacuums’ thin wands and hoses make navigating under furniture simple without needing to move everything around!
Stick or Broom Vacuums– These vacuums are super lightweight, usually battery operated and are by far the most convenient to store. Great for light spills or a quick clean up! These are not designed to clean whole homes or handle heavy loads and will need to be emptied often. They also don’t work great for pet hair clean-up. It is a great tool for use in the kitchen or bathroom, eliminating the need to sweep then bend over and pick up a pile constantly.
Central Vacuum Cleaners– Of all the vacuum cleaners on the market, this one will be the biggest investment. They will outlast all other vacuums and have a life of around 20 years or so. Their central canister system is typically housed in a basement or other storage space and is connected by tubes to ports strategically placed throughout the home. They come with 35-foot hoses to reach anywhere in the home and can handle large workloads without the need of emptying the canister often. Central vacs also come with a kickplate feature, allowing you to turn the system on with your toe so you can sweep dust piles or food spills away without having to bend over and sweep it into a dust pan.

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Regular vacuuming, and yearly steam cleaning will keep your carpet and home feeling clean and looking brand new. Call CA Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Clean Up for your next yearly steam clean!

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