Is it Necessary to Refinish My Hardwood Floors & How to Tell When in Newport Beach, CA

Solid hardwood floors are an excellent investment to any home. They are a beautiful upgrade that adds value and can easily fit into any design. They are strong and durable, and typically easy to maintain with a little diligence. Over time, they will likely need to be refinished. A refinishing is an extensive maintenance project however. It requires messy sanding, that if not done correctly can cause damage to the wood floors, proper preparation, and even application and multiple coats of the correct finishing products. When the floors do need to be refinished, it should be done by a trusted professional to ensure it does correctly. If you are wondering if your wood floors are in need of a refinishing, the signs below we at CA Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Clean Up have prepared should be an indication.

Signs You Need to Refinish Your Old Hardwood Floors

1) Excessive scratches, nicks, and wear. High traffic areas are especially susceptible to the signs of wear. Because hardwood floors are especially durable, the signs are not always plainly obvious, especially if lighting isn’t particularly bright. Areas that get a lot of foot traffic are like to wear the finish down, and this is the area that should be refinished sooner than later. Not only does the finish make you’re your wood floor look aesthetically pleasing, but it does act as a protectant as well from the elements.
2) Hardwood Floor Discoloration. A tell-tale sign that the hardwood floor will need refinishing soon is if the floor boards are showing discoloration. Areas the look dull are faded can be the result of sunlight or moisture exposure. Stains from various substance spills that can be treated will only be removed during the refinishing process. If there is moisture exposure, you should rectify the problem. Any wood floor exposed to direct sunlight should also be protected with window treatments or area rugs after the refinish process.
3) Damaged Floorboards. Floorboards that are starting to or are curled or bent need more than a refinishing. These boards will need to be replaced. Other damaged floorboards might need repairs as well. If any floorboards require repair or replacement, then a refinishing is optimal to ensure the finish matches. Failing to restore any damaged planks before refinishing is risky, especially if the damage entails serious water damage or mold damage.

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning

If your hardwood floors are just missing a little shine and are not displaying any signs that they necessarily need a refinishing, they may simply need a deep cleaning. Whether your wood floors require a refinishing service or a deep clean letting the professionals take care of your wood floors is the optimal solution to ensure they are serviced correctly and efficiently.

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The professionals of CA Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Clean Up is readily available to provide deep cleaning and refinishing services for your hardwood floors among the many services we offer. From start to finish, we make sure your wood floors are expertly treated with quality products to deliver maximum results. Call us today to schedule your hardwood refinishing service or deep cleaning service.

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