Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Culver City, CA; Floor Cleaning Process in Housekeeping

Wood floors are a major investment, but like any floor’s surface, they take a beating with the foot traffic, accidental spills, accumulation of dirt, dust, debris, and other particulates, along with other filth that is tracked from the bottom of shoes. The wood floor are fairly sturdy, though it has it weaknesses to water and…

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How to Keep Carpets Clean & Fluffy for Longer in Carson, CA; Let Dry, Wear Socks & More

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you invest in professional carpet cleaning one to two times a year. In addition to your routine vacuuming, spot cleaning, and other care, your carpets can last to their projected lifespan in optimal condition. For those that suffer from chronic allergies and asthma, people with indoor pets, those that live in…

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