How to Clean & Get Fresh or Old Blood Stains Out of Carpet & Sofas in Redondo Beach, CA

There are some stains that end up on your carpet or couch that seem like there is no way to get it out. Blood stains happen to top the list. They are a problem because of the difficulty in treating them whether it gets in your couch, carpet or even clothes. There are several elements at work when you are dealing with blood and one wrong move can end up setting the stain rather than taking it out. A blood stain can get on your carpet and upholstery by having a cut that is bleeding and not stopped before you are able to cover it up. Those drips of blood will need to be treated properly and if they are left to dry there is a different set of steps to follow to clean it.

CA Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Clean Lists Steps for How to Remove Blood Stains on Carpets & Upholstery

How to Remove Blood Stains on Carpet: When it comes to blood stains there are some general rules to follow no matter what it has dripped on. The first is that you need to get to the cleaning process as soon as you can. This will ensure that you have the best chance to get the stain all the way out. The other major tips is to never use hot or even warm water when trying to treat a blood stain. The warm and hot water is what will be used to set in the stain. When you are cleaning the blood off of a fabric you should always use a white cloth so that the dye from the fabric does not transfer while cleaning. When you are doing any kind of cleaning on upholstery or carpet, it is best to do a spot test to make sure that your cleaning method is not going to cause damage.
Cleaning Blood Stains from Carpet: You want to be able to treat the blood when it is wet but if the stain has already dried you can start with a soft bristle brush to break off as much of the dried blood as you can. Then you can start mixing your standard solution which is a cup of cold water and a teaspoon of liquid dish washing soap. Then take your clean cloth and soak it in the solution and press into the spot over and over dabbing at the stain to help lift it. If that method does not work you may need to work with water mixed with ammonia to break through the blood. Use the same clean cloth approach as well.
How to Clean Blood Off of Upholstery: If you are dealing with blood that is on your upholstery it is best to use a cloth that has been dampened by club soda. You want to dab only so that you do not push the stain further into the upholstery. You can move onto laundry soap that is mixed with water if the first approach does not work. Be sure that you call out a professional to clean the area for you as the best approach.

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