How to Protect Your Carpet & Home from Leaks & Water Damage in Manhattan Beach, CA

A few years ago, we went on a short family vacation. Well, long story short we came home and got the shock of our lives. We returned to find that our water heater had failed, and our home was flooded. Thank goodness we caught it in time and the damage wasn’t as severe as it could have been. Had we been gone even a day more, we would have had to replace everything the water touched. Sound familiar? When your home floods, or when water enters your home and sits, you have only 48 hours to fix and completely dry out the area before mold, mildew and harmful bacteria set in. Depending on the type of water that has infiltrated your home, and if the water damage was caught in time, you have a good chance of saving the items that have been exposed to water with a good steam clean and some fans to dry everything back out. Not all will be this fortunate. Water damage can cause costly repairs and be a long drawn out process when the damage is severe. We here at CA Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Clean Up would like to offer you some helpful tips to avoid this catastrophe from happening to you!

Water Leaks & Damage Prevention Tips

1: Disconnect garden hoses that are not in use when the weather is cold out. After you use your hose, not all the water drains out. When the weather is cold enough to create frost or freeze water, this could possibly cause the standing water in your hose to freeze and create an ice block that can compromise water flow and back up the water pressure causing pipes to burst which can damage walls, floors or the foundation.
2: Maintain trees and vegetation that grow close to your home. Trees provide shade and can help with our energy costs by assisting in the cooling of our homes. Unfortunately, they pose a risk to utility pipes that are also underground around our homes. Tree roots can branch out and wrap around the piping causing them to burst when compromised. Try to map out where the utility piping is around your home and avoid planting trees and vegetation in those areas or consider having problem trees removed to avoid this from happening.
3: Know where your water main is. Before you leave for that family vacation or any extended amount of time, consider shutting off the water to your home to avoid water damage while you’re away. If water is unable to enter your home, there is almost no risk in a flood while you’re away. Now, remember, when you do this you will need to turn your water heater on to “vacation” mode as well!
4: Investigate and repair leaks right away. Do not ignore even the smallest of water leaks. Leaving leaks unrepaired can cause mold, mildew, dry rot, even structural damage. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will only cover water damage in its early stages. Damage caused by failing to maintain your property will likely not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.
5: Install Smart water leak detectors. Technology is an amazing thing, now you can be notified on your smart phone or device instantly when excess moisture is detected in your home, even if you’re hundreds of miles away! Install one by your dishwasher, washing machine, toilets, fish tanks, and sump pumps. With an affordable, simple install you can save yourself thousands in costly repairs!
6: Check your washing machine hoses regularly and replace as needed. Old, leaky washing machine hoses are one of the top causes for water damage in homes today! Replacing yours every few years is a cheap way to protect your home from avoidable water damage.

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CA Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Clean Up hope these tips will help you avoid costly water damage repairs in the future. Contact us for all your floor and upholstery cleaning needs.

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