Why Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Works Better than DIY Vacuuming in Hawthorne, CA

It seems that when it comes to keeping your floors cleaned there are some regular everyday things that you can do. If you have tile or stone floors most people will make sure that they sweep them and pick up any messes that are dropped. If you have carpet you know that after a long few days they don’t look as clean as they did before. That is why using your vacuum is extremely important and necessary. This is a great way to keep your carpets cleaned but is that really enough. The carpets are made up of several layers and it is important to keep them in good shape. One way to do that is to make sure that you clean the appropriately. Of course running your vacuum is a great start but there is more that you need to be doing. You want to also make sure that you are having your carpets cleaned professionally if you want them to last and look their best.

CA Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Clean Up Outlines Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Worth it

Vacuuming Only Removes the Surface Dust & Dirt: Your carpets are much different than other types of flooring. If you have tile or hardwood the dirt and debris hangs out on the surface without anywhere to go. The difference you have with carpet is that it has many layers and fibers that give the dirt and debris somewhere to hide. The problem that you have if you choose to only vacuum the carpet is that the dirt and debris you are getting happens to be resting at the surface. That is not the only place that the dirt and debris happens to be. It will be pushed and ground in the carpet and deep in the fibers and the backing as well. This is only removed from the carpet when you have your carpets cleaned by a professional.
Vacuuming Can’t Treat Carpet Stains: If you have carpets in your house you know that there will be times that the spills will drop on the carpet. The carpets are made from a fabric that if something is spilled it will soak it up. The spill will start to soak into the fibers right away and that is why they need to be treated. If you decide to leave these spots and stains on the carpet they will get harder to remove later. If you choose to only treat your carpets with a vacuum it will never be able to treat these stains and spots. They will remain on your carpets until you have them cleaned professionally.
Vacuuming Cannot Remove Carpet Odors: If you have a pet then you know that they tend to have occasional accidents. Even the best trained pets will have an accident every once and a while. These accidents will leave an odor if you do not treat them properly. When you run your vacuum it has no way to remove the odor that is left behind from a pet stain or other spills that leave unwanted odors.

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