How to Clean & Get Oil or Water Based Paint Stains Out of the Carpet in Your Santa Ana, CA House

There are some spots and stains that can occur on your carpets that are extremely hard to remove. The biggest issue with many stains and spills is that they each need their own specific methods to get them out. If you have mud on your carpet you actually want to leave the mud on the carpet and wait for it to dry out before you try and get it off. This is not the same reaction you should have with almost any other type of spill on your carpet. If you spill red juice on the floor you want to get to the cleaning as soon as you can so that the stain has less time to soak in and spread out. There are other stains that you need to apply heat such as wax being dripped on the floor while ice is best when dealing with gum or sticky candy. Using the right method to clean a stain on the carpet is important in ensuring that the stain is removed. Paint is something that may seem like you will never get out of the carpet. Paint can get on your carpet when you paint a room a new color or you do a craft project with the kids. There are some tried methods to clean the paint off the carpet when you come across a stain.

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What Type Of Paint Spilled on Carpet: There are different types of paint that you might be using in a home that can get on your carpets. Whether you are painting a room with paint that is used in interior walls or you are making a birdhouse that is being painted with craft paint you can end up with a stain. The two main types of paint that you might end up spilling in your home are oil paint or water based paint. They each need to be treated in their own way if you want them to be cleaned from the carpet fully.
WD-40 to Remove Oil Based Paint Stains from Carpet: This is a method that generally works when trying to get paint off your carpet. The main component of this method is the use of WD-40 but you need to also have clean wash rags, detergent for your dishwasher, a butter knife and gloves. The first step is to get as much of the paint off the carpet that has already dried out first. You can use the butter knife to chip away the dried bits in advance. After you feel confident about the excess being removed you can use the WD-40 to soak the area. This will help to soften and loosen the paint that is left over. You need to have some patience and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes. Then you can use the rag to dab and press at the spot lifting the stain as you go. Then use warm water and soap as a way to complete the cleaning process.
How to Remove Water Based Paint from Carpet: Removing water based paint is easier. If the paint is still wet, you can simply blot with a wet paper towel. If the paint is dry, you can use hot water and a small amount of dish detergent. Let the solution sit for a few minutes to soften the paint then use a knife to gently scrape the paint stain, continuing to add more solution as you scrape. If the paint is stubborn and still not softening, consider using a handheld steamer while you scrape.

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