How to Clean & Care for Natural Stone Marble Tile Floors, Showers & More in Santa Ana, CA

Marble tile option is becoming more and more popular among homeowners, frequently trending for floors in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. Marble is a luxurious addition and an upgrade to your home. With its refined sophistication and elegant beauty, the marble flooring really shines, but few seem to know the proper maintenance and care to ensure it lasts in optimal condition and looks incredible. Having a variety of colors and unique patterns, marble is a soft stone that offers strength and durability and when polished, it has a mirror-like finish. When it makes contact with acidic compounds, it can etch the surface and grit can cause scratches though marble is resistant to erosion and fire. Professional maintenance and the care of homeowners given on a consistent basis impacts the longevity, condition, and overall appearance. We at CA Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Cleanup would like to discuss the maintenance of marble tile.

Natural Stone Marble Cleaner Tips

1) Frequently Sweep. The surface of marble flooring should be cleaned daily whenever possible with a soft bristled broom, a dust mop, or a vacuum. Hard floor vacuums are ideal but if you have a standard vacuum ensure the rotator bar is not rotating or it can damage the marble. Though marble is durable, it is still a soft stone, so the grit and grime can cause etches and scratches, especially if the sealant has worn away. The removal of dust and debris should be done a minimum of 2 days a week, but ultimately it should be done daily. The marble should be kept dust free to allow it shine. Keep in mind that daily traffic is causes friction and the dirt, mud, and debris are natural abrasives that causes scratches that contributes to the marble tile looking lifeless dull, and filthy.
2) Spot Clean and Mop. Keeping the floor clean is recommended; immediately wiping up any spills and spot mopping the marble floor is essential. To wash marble floors for a more intensive clean, use commercial store bought cleaners that are specifically formulated to marble floors. Read the label carefully and follow the directions, even if it is a product you routinely use as you never know when manufacturers reformulate their products. Many DIY cleaning concoctions call for vinegar but it is important you avoid vinegar at all costs from making contact with your marble tile as well as other acidic compounds that abrasive, causing damage to the marble surface. Other acidic cleaners as wells as mild soaps are included in agents to avoid. If you are ever in doubt, just use plain warm water to clean the marble tile.
3) Professional Marble Maintenance Service. As a part of the regular care of your marble flooring in addition to your efforts, professional cleaning and sealing services are essential. Experts use quality products and equipment to reach the maximum level of clean and marble tile should be sealed, as it acts as a barrier to protect it from harmful agents. Marble tile should never be neglected and it is equally important that professional maintenance one – two times a year is scheduled.

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