Common Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes in Redondo Beach, CA; Using Wrong Cleaners & More

When upholstery needs to be cleaned, often the fabric gets damaged by following improper cleaning methods. There are a number of ways we damage our upholstery without even realizing it. CA Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Clean Up will share some of the common mistakes that damage or ruin upholstery to help you avoid them.

Sofa Cleaning Mistakes

1. The first mistake is not following the manufacturers guidelines or cleaning instructions. There are instruction tags that provide cleaning guidelines when you purchase any item with upholstery. Make sure you read and/or store the cleaning instructions so you know how to properly clean the fabric. Avoid using your own cleaning methods.
2. Not all upholstery cleaners are designed for the same type of material. Often the wrong cleaning product is used to clean upholstery or a stain. Read the manufacturers details on which product is recommended to clean the fabric.
3. If you’re not sure if you have the right product to clean your upholstery, you’ll always want to test a small area first. Often a person will clean the entire upholstery before knowing the effects of the cleaner. Even if the cleaner is easy to use on the upholstery, it’s strongly recommended to test a small area that is not visible first before cleaning the entire furniture or upholstery.
4. Poor cleaning technique is another common mistake. Even with the correct cleaning product, using bad cleaning techniques still can ruin the upholstery. One example of a bad cleaning technique is scrubbing. Never scrub a stain when cleaning upholstery. Always blot at a stain. Before you begin cleaning your upholstery read the product details as to which cleaning method is used to clean your upholstery.
5. Over soaking upholstery with water–especially tap–is a very common mistake that can ruin upholstery. Furniture or other upholstery that is over soaked can get damage. Tap water also leaves behind minerals that result in white ring stains. Furniture and other upholstery should be cleaned with distilled water.
6. Another mistake is never using a professional upholstery cleaning service. A professional carpet, upholstery, or area rug cleaning service comes with powerful cleaning machines that can penetrate deep into fabric and extract all of the dirt and stains that are deep in the material. Additionally, a professional cleaner also has the knowledge of the different types of material used for upholstery and can use the right cleaning product and technique to properly clean the upholstery.
7. Only hiring a professional to handle your upholstery cleaning is another mistake. Yes, you want to use a professional cleaner to handle the deep cleaning. However, you need to maintain your home upholstery in-between professional deep cleanings. If you neglect your upholstery until you hire a professional can also be harmful to the upholstery. This is why you will want to learn how to care for and maintain upholstery and hire a professional cleaner to handle the deeper cleaning.

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